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Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation, Ashland City, TN

The Ashland City Tennessee Pole Rack Installation was the fourth project completed for Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation in the last four years. This project included the supply and installation of (9) 16-16-2 Portable Pole Racks with standard plus 21 1⁄2 inch end pieces. The pole racks were configured to store 35, 40, and 45 foot poles. The installation of the pole racks was completed in one day.

Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative, Lihue, HI

Early in 2010 Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative Contacted CMS Utility Services to Assist in the Design and Construction of their Pole Yard Located at their Hanapepe power generation plant. The Environmental Protection Agency had issued a citation to Kawai Electric Utility Cooperative for the cleanup of contamination and prevention of future hydrocarbon / creosote pollution resulting from their utility pole storage. CMS utility services Incorporated designed and constructed containment pads for both utility poles and transformers. These pads were equipped with a filtration system to clean the contaminants / hydrocarbons from entering the watershed or groundwater under the poles and transformers. CMS utilized 16-16-2 Pole Racks, 24-24-3 Pole Racks and 32-16-4 Pole racks in the final design and construction. The total project was completed in December 2010 preventing the shutdown by the EPA of the power plant.

Louisville Gas & Electric / Kentucky Utilities – Earlington, Kentucky

In August 2015 Louisville Gas Electric Company / Kentucky Utilities contacted CMS to design and construct a Pole Yard on approximately 3 1⁄2 acres of raw land in Earlington, Kentucky. Preliminary designs had been completed by CMS a year earlier as part of a facilities study for several locations in the LG&E / KU supply chain system. The project had to be completed by the end of December 2015. CMS undertook the project and completed it on time. The project included mass site cut and fill excavation, 3 acres of stone paving, new entrance and (81) 16-16-2 Pole Racks and (22) 32-16-4 Pole Racks for both wood and steel poles.